May 4, 2011

Inside an Artist's sketchbook: The Creative Process

How designs come to fruition really start with the sketchbook. I come up with about ten or twenty sketches before I can decide on one idea. But it doesn't really stop there, as ideas change or need to be modified as I make up a sample. Sometimes sketches aren't physically possible to recreate, but the challenge to find a solution is the most rewarding part of the process.

A look inside any designer's sketchbook (if they allow to show you), is a private exploration of their thoughts, ideas and a glimpse of the illusive creative process. I stumbled upon Camila Do Rosario's illustrations; a page in her sketchbook is just as lovely as her final works of art.

via: Camila Do Rosario, TrendLand


  1. those sketches are lovely, they are art in of itself!

  2. Wow, wonderful - I wish my sketchbooks looked like that! Something to aim for ;)

  3. Gosh, they are wonderful. I adore the last sketch.

  4. omgosh, love this post! the illustrations are amazing!


  5. What a wonderful post, the illustrations are beautiful. Inspiring as ever! These are multiple influences from South America and Asia to me; it has something different. Love it!

    Virginie/ Couture & DIY

  6. It's hard to believe these are from a sketchbook! They are so intricate... How does someone obtain such talent?


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