April 17, 2012

Golden Feathers

Taking inspiration from the M's of fashion (Marchesa and McQueen), my new Leather Feather Earrings were influenced by the golden feather dresses made by these two fashion houses. I'm not entirely sure how they gilded their feathers, but I tried to figure out a technique that would work on leather.

The gold leaf on the earrings sparkles in the light and illuminates the earrings from all angles.
It's like wearing gold jewelry but without the weight. They are now available in the Love at First Blush shop.

Gilded Feathers for inspiration of leather feathers
Gilded Leather Feather Earrings with Golden Tips
Handcrafted Hand cut Leather Feather Earrings with Gilded Golden Tips

April 10, 2012

Weekends in Montreal

A glimpse of the past weekend around Jean Talon market. I'm hopelessly addicted to photographing food and flowers everywhere I go. It's hard to resist the sights and smells around the market.

This one is called the Mystery Macaroon.
Montreal tradition: maple sugar taffy on ice

April 8, 2012

A Moveabe Feast

The past few years, most Easters are uncelebrated festivities, usually they are spent participating at Passover events. Who is to say you can't celebrate both?

I'm too old now to have Easter Egg hunts, but I remember one hunt where I found my chocolate bunny near the heater. Of course the chocolate had melted down into a indistinguishable lump. But chocolate is chocolate and I ate it anyway. For future reference: Don't hide the chocolate near the heater or you'll have a sad looking bunny.

So whether you're celebrating Easter, Passover or just the few days off, have a great weekend!

Marie Claire China, shot by Amber Gray via fashiongonerogue


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