June 29, 2012

The Streets of New York and the Color Red

Call me crazy but I love taking street photography. Not street style - the streets themselves. How can any street be more exciting and more alive than the center of it all, Times Square?

It rained just before I took my camera out and I had to run into the Forever21 to take cover. Lucky for me, it's the shop that never sleeps, they close at 2am apparently. Yes 2am! I've gone late night shopping at the Sephora in Times Square before, trying to pick out the perfect shade of red, because I decided at that moment I wanted to wear a bright red lip. Call it the impulse of New York. Or the magical lure of fashion trends.

I was shooed out at midnight clutching one stick of lip color in hand, befittingly called DragonGirl.

Bright lights of New York city after the rain

June 25, 2012

New York City: Top 5 Things to Do in 2012

This year, my annual pilgrimage to the Big Apple was accompanied by my family. I normally fly home to Vancouver to visit my parents, but they love Broadway so much (taking me to see Phantom of the Opera when I was 12), we decided to meet in New York to catch some plays and spend time together. My love for theater probably stems from my early exposure to my dad's obsession with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Broadway shows. Also, further explains my spontaneous 'jazz hand' moves.

There is never enough time to spend in New York, so there is always something new to see each time I visit. Last year, it was seeing the McQueen exhibit and watching a performance from the New York Ballet Company.

the colourful and fashionable streets of SOHO, nyc

This year, my top 5 must things to do in New York are: 

1. Catch a Musical. If you are going to see one musical in New York, get tickets to Once the Musical, and you will not be disappointed. The actors carry the story line and also perform on stage as the musical accompaniment. Brilliant, creative and highly memorable.
2. Visit the High Line Park. Modern and historical, the park is a calm and open space to explore the skyline and escape the hustle of New York.
3. Shop the Brookyln Flea Market. For delicious bites, vintage finds and a taste of hipster style, it's the busiest hangout on the weekends in Brooklyn.
4. Visit a Museum. There are so many museums to see in NY, but my favorite is a toss up between the MOMA and the MET. The MET won out this year since they have a special fashion exhibition, Prada and Schiaparelli, on until August.
5. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. For scenic views of lower Manhattan. You can also see iconic buildings from the distance on a clear day. Bonus: it's free, but you'll need to use your feet!

Brooklyn Bridge
view from Williamsburg
park in new york city
Central Park
fashionable streets in New York CIty
Scallop Tapas at Spanish restaurant, Pipa NYC
Tapas at Pipa, NYC
orders coming in and out from a kitchen

June 20, 2012

The High Line HighLight

The High Line was one of the highlights of my New York trip. I went on the urging of my friends who have visited before and from ogling the beautiful photography on their official website. You can practically get me to go anywhere if you present me with a well taken photo.

Colorful Hipster Girls handing out High Line Park
Black and White Graphic Art on the High Line 
A mixture of old and modern, the High Line was once an elevated rail structure now converted into a modern walkway/park. With elements of art and design scattered along the park, the open space is a new way to explore the city. 

Colorful red and yellow flowers near the High Line
Cube shaped bird houses at the High Line Bird
Blooming White Flowers on the High Line, NYC

June 16, 2012

Brooklyn Flea Market

I love New York, but I especially love Brooklyn for its own creative vibe. Every weekend there's a Flea Market in Brooklyn with a wide selection of vendors selling antiques, vintage, jewelry and food.

It was a hot sunny afternoon at the Brooklyn Flea Market in Williamsburg and we came with our appetites. Stalls from well known food trucks and local joints were lined up near the entrance, ranging from lobster roll sandwiches, taquitos and corn-on-the-cob.

Best find was the frozen chocolate covered bananas. It's dangerous to come here on an empty stomach as you could easily spend your money just tasting all the bites.

If you're looking for antique and vintage furniture, there was a plethora of odds and ends in different stalls. There was a lot of people walking away with great finds.

Embroidered Vintage Dresses Brooklyn Flea MarketBracelets and Necklaces at Brooklyn Flea Market
Sprinkling cconut flaks on chocolate covered banana
Sprinkle candy toppings for banana
Sunday tents at Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg

June 7, 2012

Floral Crowns

Summer days are perfect for crowns of flowers and on cue with this season's trend. I'm planning on making one of these.

Soft beautiful pastel photography of Floral Crowns
Floral Crowns in Hair
Pink Pastel Hair with a Crown of Flowers

June 1, 2012

Ladyfest Tarts 'n Craft

I love the hustle of Craft Shows.

Last weekend, I roadtripped bused down to Ottawa for the Ladyfest Tarts 'n Craft show. I really should have taken more photos of my booth but I was too exhausted from my bus ride, having to get up at 5:30am to catch it.

I met some very nice vendors and customers at the show. My neighbor, Vanessa Neily,  makes beautiful copper enamel jewelry, resembling Ukrainian Egg Art called Pysanky.

Vanessa Neily
Missy Industry
Melissa from Missy Industry wearing our Butterfly Glove
I've also been eye-ing a few rings at Missy Industry's booth. Melissa makes sterling silver rings and necklaces from skulls and crosses. She bought one of my Fingerless Butterfly Gloves which I just had to take a picture of.

Since I normally work online and through email, it was definitely a nice change to meet my customers face to face.


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