April 28, 2011

En pointe: Ballerina Photo Shoot

These are the final photos from the Ballerina Photo Shoot. The second outfit I chose for this shoot is a gown I designed in my second year of Ryerson, inspired by Edgar Degas' impressionistic ballerina paintings and the lovely ballerinas that spin inside of a musical box. It was the perfect dress for this shoot and the full paneled circle skirt worked well to capture and emphasize the ballerina in motion. She was attacking the pirouettes like Nina in the Black Swan.

Photographer: Alesya Kornetskaya
Model/Ballerina: Anastasiya Zhuravska
Styling: Sabrina Chin

poses of ballerina in motion
For Full Size, click here

Outfit 2: Beaded silk chiffon one shoulder gown with side lacing, silk chiffon and charmeuse paneling, Sabrina Chin / ballet shoes, ballerina's own 

ivory white wedding ballerina gownivory beaded chiffon silk vintage ballerina gown

April 22, 2011

Sneak Peeks from 'The Ballerina Photo Shoot'

Here is one of the photos from the Ballerina photo shoot I styled two weeks ago. I decided at the last minute to style this shoot as I had the perfect gowns from my collection for the Ballerina in Motion concept.

Everyone was speaking 3 languages that day, Russian, French and English, it was a completely multicultural moment! We played around with an industrial fan to make the skirt look windswept. I took a few detail shots of my garments; the corset is all hand beaded oyster shells, beads, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and took me about 3 weeks to complete. The skirt has layers and layers of ivory raw silk chiffon.

Photographer: Alesya Kornetskaya
Model/Ballerina: Anastasiya Zhuravska
Styling: Sabrina Chin

Outfit 1: Hand beaded Shell and Swarovski corset, Sabrina Chin / Raw silk chiffon tutu skirt, Sabrina Chin / ballet shoes, ballerina's own

Hand beaded Haute Couture crystal and shell corset
Corset with shell and rhinestone details

April 20, 2011

Custom Leather Cuff: Sophie's Design

I always enjoy receiving customs orders and I recently finished an order for a client, a pair of cuffs that extend all the way to the elbow.

The concept: Her name translates into Ishtar, which is a Babylonian goddess of love, war and fertility, the symbol being a seven pillared mandala.  I used the mandala as the focal point of the piece with circular elements to compliment and reference the moon, the goddess and femininity.

They turned out more beautiful than I imagined and I will be planning to add longer cuffs to my shop.

April 18, 2011

Shopping in Singapore: Haji Lane

I found out about Haji Lane only after returning from my trip to Singapore. Much to my disappointment, I missed out shopping a fashion paradise full of independent boutiques, vintage goods, and local designers. Much of the charm is in the colorful buildings that line the tiny and narrow back-alley street.

I was lucky enough that my bf went back last week for a short trip and took a few photos. I live vicariously through his photos and commentary, and can only imagine the vibrant, eclectic street.

theblogshop: Most definitely the cutest name of a boutique, complete with their own fashion blog.

He brought me back this ring from a boutique called Pluck which reminded him of the cut out work  on my leather cuffs.  He was probably drawn more to the ice cream parlor inside the shop than the actual women's clothing, but much to his credit, he also mentioned it was one of the best shops on the street.

April 13, 2011

Learning How to Use my DSLR

Ever since I inherited my Nikon DSLR, it has been a huge learning curve. I would pick up my camera, fumble around with the functions, then set it to Auto for the camera to decide my settings.

Though I could learn much of the information online, I decided it would be helpful to take a class.
It's my second class I'm taking at Concordia University; a Product Photography class which will immensely help with photos from my Etsy shop. We've been bringing our own products to shoot each week and working with 3 different lighting set-ups. It's been fun to use professional studio lighting and equipment that I normally don't have access to.

Here's one of the photos I took from last class.

April 11, 2011

Behind the Scenes: The Ballerina Photo Shoot

I haven't been able to update frequently as I'd like to, as I've been caught in a whirlwind of custom orders, mini projects and assignments. Last week, we received a surprise rush order from a costume department filming a blockbuster movie in Germany. If we're lucky, we may see our cuffs in 3-D!

This weekend, I helped style a photo shoot inspired by the Ballerina in Motion images found here. I clicked a few behind the scenes shot of the magic in action. The model is a classically trained ballerina and she was extremely flexible, creating some really amazing poses. I'll post the final pictures when they are ready.

ballerina en pointe
swan like pose ballerina

April 4, 2011

Fashion Photography: Boris Ovini

Loungewear and lingerie couldn't be more playful and luxurious. Loving the sheer panty hose, quirky headbands and garter hooks in Boris Ovini's fashion photography.

via: borisovini

April 1, 2011

Crowning Glory: Feather Headdresses

My current obsessions and infatuations are native inspired feather headdresses. These girls know how to rock a feather headdress. 

via ania b
via etsy
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via oraclefox


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