February 25, 2011

Ballerinas in Motion

Black Swan already has everyone talking, thinking or taking a ballet class, and I'm predicting they'll pick up more than their share of Oscars this Sunday, (which I'll be watching and rooting for Natalie).

I always find ballerina photo shoots look a bit contrived, but this one is quite literally floor sweeping.
London based photographer, Jan Masny has captured the motion and grace of the gestures and arabesques of these dynamic balllerinas. It almost makes me want to put on some ballet shoes and.... err.. on second thought, it might just end up very badly.

Have a great weekend!

via: trendland.net


  1. indeed amazing shots! full of grace and fragility!

  2. oh my these pictures are simply stunning. from the use of space to the lighting effects, i am simply in awe.

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