February 1, 2011

Couture Spring 2011: Dior's New Look

I always look forward to the Haute Couture shows during this time of year.  It always serves as a guide for what will trickle down into retail fashion and more RTW clothing.

I find that this collection, John Galliano has toned down his extravagance and really fine tuned his craft. He has churned out some beautiful chiaroscuro confections, blending washes of colour with layers and layers of tulle. An homage to René Gruau, the illustrator who drew for Dior in the fifties and the forties, the silhouettes are reminiscent of the New Look with tight waists and flared skirts.

By far, this is my favorite collection from the Haute Couture show.


  1. I always find the shows fascinating and a lot of fun to imagine having some of those dresses!

  2. Dior is always at the top of the fashion pulse. And his haute couture is no exception! Fab. xx


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