August 27, 2011

Studded Elegance

I've wanted to stud almost everything I own after seeing the insanely decked out Burberry trench coat covered in spikes. Over the past year, studs have been showing up on high heels, leather jackets, corsets and now, even on the soles of your shoes. Are you over the spike and stud craze yet? I'm definitely not.

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August 17, 2011

Up Close and Intimate at Jean Paul Gaultier's exhibit

I was a little too 'snap happy' at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, so I have decided to divide this into two parts. It was the perfect opportunity to practice my photography skills and capture fashion on still models, so I have over a hundred photos.

Already having seen the Alexander Mcqueen exhibit at the MET, I felt a bit spoiled. I was incredibly impressed with the thoughtful presentation from Mcqueen's exhibit and the high caliber of work, I wondered how JPG's exhibit could push the bar.  

Well, it did and it didn't.

First of all, JPG is not my favorite designer, but I had to see his work because of his influence on fashion and his contribution to many iconic looks (ie. Maddona's cone bra). I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation of the talking mannequins and the rotating models which brought some humor and life to the clothes, but I I also found JGP's interpretation of themes just too literal. His workmanship is no doubt extraordinarily detailed and impressive to see up close, but somehow, it lacks the beauty of refinement.

Overall, I enjoyed the exhibit and it definitely is a must-see if you are in Montreal. I walked away  feeling inspired and amazed. Stay tuned for Part two.

Warning: Post is image heavy

I thought this was a real skin until I looked closer.. it's beads! OMFG..
This was incredibly ugly, but executed extremely well. I was emotionally torn on this one..
Native American princess bride
The entrance to the exhibition with talking JPG on the right.

August 14, 2011


I have to admit, I used to own a tv that only had four viewable channels. As a fashion student, I didn't have the luxury of owning cable, most of my cash went to buying sample yardage, thread, textbooks and feeding my never ending addiction to Vogue and Surface magazines.

Now that I have cable, HBO has been my favorite channel and I've been following True Blood fanatically. I've watched it from the very first season and I've been hooked ever since. Last November, our cuffs were ordered by the True Blood costume department and I've been eager to watch Season 4 just see if they have made it onscreen.

This vampire-like editorial from Renata Morales Fall 2009 collection is fitting for Sunday's post.

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August 10, 2011

Montreal Vintage Shopping: Digging for Treasure

Last weekend, I went vintage shopping with some friends who were visiting from Winnipeg. We spent the whole day searching for the perfect vintage treasures along St. Laurent street.

The most memorable store was Eva B, where its a sensory overload full of clothes, mannequins and bras hanging from the ceiling, and a $1 bin of clothing where you literally just have to dig around. It's a mountainous heap of clothing, and if you're ready to get your hands dirty, it's quite a thrill to find something for one dollar. Though at times it feels like searching for a needle in the haystack.

Everything is reasonably priced and the store is quite large, so you could spend a lot of time here. In the end, my friends walked away with a bag full of clothes.

Friperie St. Laurent
The cutest dog
Outside Rokoko vintage shop
Walking down St. Laurent

mannequin legs at Eva B

the clothing pit at Eva B

August 3, 2011

In her Closet: A Shoe Designer's Wardrobe

I first met Sun at the "Fashion Corporation" about 3 years ago. We shared an office and she assisted in my department for about two weeks until she was moved to the denim department. We shared a communal candy jar that we couldn't manage to keep full and she would tell me about her crazy internet dating stories. Of course, I did have to warn her not to ever jump into some stranger's white van, but that is another story for later.

Fast forward 2 years, and she now works as a shoe designer in Montreal and has a beautiful apartment in the Côte-des-Neiges area that is influenced by her Korean roots and her Mexican boyfriend. She has hoarded a collection of towering black heels and a colorful wardrobe mixed with a bit of vintage to clothes she has collected from places she has visited.

She also handmade her portfolio book which she showed me. Future aspiring fashion designers take note, her portfolio is immaculately made, well presented and professional.

If you like my blog series, please let me know in the comments and I will continue to post. You can check out my past "In her closet" posts here.

colorful zara vest
Every girl needs a colorful hand beaded bolero vest
chains on a mannequin
Add a colorful neck party to your bolero vest
Heels bought from a shopping trip to London, Topshop
the pristine living room
her collection heels from Korea, Zara and Topshop
shoe designer's work and desk space
Inspirational fashion illustrations, Handmade Pug Pillow bought from Souk@Sat in Montreal
 These are her dress technical drawings from her portfolio. I think she should illustrate for WGSN.
drawn techinical sketches of shoes and heels
 Trend board and shoe designs from her portfolio. This is basically a lesson on how you get a Shoe Designer job.
Because you can never have enough black shoes. Denis Gagnon heels for Aldo, Chunky heels from Korea,
Vintage dress handed down from her mother / Small ukulele
orange blooms
Just outside of her Brickstone apartment in Montreal
colorful threads embroidered peasant top from Mexico
Detail shot of floral embroidery dress she bought from Mexico

August 1, 2011

Fashion Illustration: Elisa Mazzone

I am enchanted by Elisa Mazzone's fashion illustrations. She draws the female form in such beautiful soft tones with the contrast of ultra-realism in the girl's eyes. Her illustrations are so feminine and dreamy.

This is my favorite illustration


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