August 10, 2011

Montreal Vintage Shopping: Digging for Treasure

Last weekend, I went vintage shopping with some friends who were visiting from Winnipeg. We spent the whole day searching for the perfect vintage treasures along St. Laurent street.

The most memorable store was Eva B, where its a sensory overload full of clothes, mannequins and bras hanging from the ceiling, and a $1 bin of clothing where you literally just have to dig around. It's a mountainous heap of clothing, and if you're ready to get your hands dirty, it's quite a thrill to find something for one dollar. Though at times it feels like searching for a needle in the haystack.

Everything is reasonably priced and the store is quite large, so you could spend a lot of time here. In the end, my friends walked away with a bag full of clothes.

Friperie St. Laurent
The cutest dog
Outside Rokoko vintage shop
Walking down St. Laurent

mannequin legs at Eva B

the clothing pit at Eva B


  1. Currently dreaming of a great vintage shop! Urf it looks nice over there!


  2. i love love these photos! what an amazing shop!



  3. looks like fun! where's eva b?? never been!

  4. MC- You've probably been in before, the storefront is just not labelled. It's just before Sherbrooke street on St. Laurent.

  5. You've got an amazing blog! I'm gonna follow you! :D


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