April 10, 2014

One Of A Kind

one of a kind show spring toronto booth
one of a kind show rising stars booth display
love at first blush at one of a kind show
credit: photos by James Hsieh

The One of a Kind Spring 2014 show wrapped up last week and I'm still reeling from the excitement of meeting all you lovely folks and the media coverage from Breakfast Television and CanadaAM. I've never worked so hard for many months for just five days of a show, but I learned so much about designing my own booth display, lighting products, hammering nails, and hanging picture frames straight! I had an awesome assistant helping out with set up and take down, as well as someone who built my display. Thank you, you two ;).

I've come back with a lot of feedback and more ideas brewing in my head of what my next collection will be. I loved being everyone's personal stylist for those 5 days, helping choose what looks best on you. I wish I could do that every day.

Thank you for making it the best show yet!

March 3, 2014

In the studio: Gold and Silver

gold flower star studs

gold and silver leather spools
gold and silver leather
 Little pockets around my studio and home have collected gold and silver findings. All of my trims seem to be ending up in every living space. They seem to be traveling back and forth from my home to the studio as I'm forming new ideas on my commute.

 Sometimes I think in color, sometimes it's gold and silver.

February 26, 2014

Custom Project: Barbarella Cuff

light up barballa cuff
custom barbarella cuff
jane fonda in barbarella
via fanshare

Working as a leather accessories designer, I sometimes get special requests for custom made cuffs. When my schedule isn't as hectic, I like to take on these projects for a challenge.

This is the second time I've gotten a request for a custom Barbarella cuff and it's much sleeker and more true to form. The first Barbarella cuff I made was for a customer going to Dragon Con. Making it a second time around, I could perfect the flashing component making it more simple to use. The ball lights up from solid red, blue, green, and purple colors while the last option has an evolution of rainbow colors.

If you're interested in a Barbarella cuff or any custom Superhero cuff, please feel free to email me.


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