December 28, 2011

Sleepless in Singapore

Most of my Christmases are unconventional. When your family lives on the west coast and your sister subscribes to California weather, it's hard to coordinate holiday plans.

Two years ago, we had our family reunion in the crazy town of Las Vegas. This year, my Christmas was spent on a 15 hour flight to Singapore to meet my bf. While he's been working hard over the holidays, I've just been soaking up the Singapore lifestyle and exploring the city. It's nice to have some downtime after such a hectic past few months.

Sunrise in Singapore from our hotel
Sunset over Hong Kong airport (while en route to Singapore)

December 22, 2011

In Her Boutique: Vincent Park

I met Cara from Fashion Design School and we were the few lucky girls who went to London, England, for the design exchange program (a life-changing, mind-altering experience). I remember our sketchbooks would be bursting at the seams full of research material and images, but our design teacher, Zowie Broach, would always demand more.

Cara opened up Vincent Park with her sister 3 years ago and I've always wanted to stop by every time I was in Vancouver. It's a boutique on Main street with beautifully curated selection of clothing and accessories hung upon industrial drain pipes and vintage furniture. I wish my closet looked this nice. 

Since everything is carefully edited, you can easily find pieces that are special and unique. If you're tired of the mass market fashion in the malls (like I am), this boutique is definitely a refreshing change and worth a visit.

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beacuse no boutique is complete without Jeffrey Campbells...
covetable rings in repurposed brass

Vincent Park
4278 Main St. (at 27th Ave.)

December 17, 2011

Holiday Craft Fairs

For the past two weekends, I've been doing the Holiday Craft Fair circuit in Montreal. That would explain my absence from the blog. Let me tell you, I've been getting Craft Fair withdrawals. (Is that even a symptom?) I miss the ambience, friendly crafters, and the buzz of customers around my booth.

Puces Pop was 'poppin' with people on both days and Smart Design Mart was equally fun. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth. I met some great stylists, photographers and local bloggers at both shows.

December 2, 2011

Getting Ready

I just finished tagging, sewing on labels and picking up postcards for the Smart Design Mart Craft Fair this weekend. It starts tonight and I'm still doing some last minute tasks!


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