December 22, 2011

In Her Boutique: Vincent Park

I met Cara from Fashion Design School and we were the few lucky girls who went to London, England, for the design exchange program (a life-changing, mind-altering experience). I remember our sketchbooks would be bursting at the seams full of research material and images, but our design teacher, Zowie Broach, would always demand more.

Cara opened up Vincent Park with her sister 3 years ago and I've always wanted to stop by every time I was in Vancouver. It's a boutique on Main street with beautifully curated selection of clothing and accessories hung upon industrial drain pipes and vintage furniture. I wish my closet looked this nice. 

Since everything is carefully edited, you can easily find pieces that are special and unique. If you're tired of the mass market fashion in the malls (like I am), this boutique is definitely a refreshing change and worth a visit.

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beacuse no boutique is complete without Jeffrey Campbells...
covetable rings in repurposed brass

Vincent Park
4278 Main St. (at 27th Ave.)


  1. Love these pictures, the shop seems to be really my thing!


  2. This is one of my favorite stores in Vancouver. I stop by way too much for my own good...:)

    Following you :)


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