February 25, 2016

Back to School

A few months ago, I decided to go back to school to learn some new skills. I signed myself up to Gem Setting Class to further develop my jewellery line. I’m someone who needs to be hands on with learning. Reading a textbook and having demonstrations are helpful, but the real test is when you apply those skills. I find myself being too quick with the processes and trying to get things done quickly, but the real art of gem setting (and metalsmithing), seems to be in taking your time; slow and with patient intention. In this case, it's not the bunny that wins the race, it's the slow moving turtle.

It’s almost counter intuitive for me to be doing things with such patience, but it’s such a welcoming way to work. Turning off my hyper brain to tell myself to slow down. Filing and sanding down sterling silver to smooth the edges with repetitious motion is pretty time consuming, but also meditative and hypnotizing.

On the third class, as we were making gypsy settings, (which are gems that are set flush inside the metal), I realize you need to be quite strong to move and push even micro millimeters of metal to firmly hold the gems. At the end of class, my right arm was pretty sore and it felt like I had been doing one-arm push-ups all day.

Embarking on a new path or learning something new is always a bit nerve racking. Will I do it right? Will I fail? Sometimes just taking that step in expanding yourself is just what you need.

raw gemstones

rainbow colored amethyst scepters

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