February 17, 2011

Preen Flashbacks and Adrenaline Rushes

While I was on exchange in London during my days in Fashion School, (which feels like lifetimes ago), I had the opportunity to intern for the lovely design house, Preen. I was asked to do some light sewing, prepare samples, and hand stitching in labels/buttons (oh so glamorous!) but I was secretly hoping to be asked to dress for their London Fashion show.

behind the scenes Preen Fall 2005

It's exhilarating to be a dresser backstage. There's always a model searching for a lost shoe or a missing earring and a make up artist standing by to apply last minute touch-ups. And just when the show starts, your model is coming back for the second outfit, your adrenaline kicks in and you're frantically zipping up that dress on her skinny frame. You then madly rush her back in line again to stomp down that runway, cool and confident.

Fall 2005 via: style.com

Their look has definitely evolved over the seasons, and has grown up in way. I love what Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi have done with their Fall 2011 collection. There's a real emphasis on simple silhouettes and sophisticated styling with punchy geometric prints, hand beaded tops, and simple shift dresses with a touch of hand craft.

Fall 2011 via: style.com


  1. Wow! I'm Super jealous right now!!! lol
    one day I will go to fashion schooll.. One day!

  2. Beautiful clothes! I too would kill to be a dresser back stage at a fashion show. Heck, I'd be happy to just sew buttons and labels on too. Anything! Found you on Etsy Blog Team. Great blog, love your leather cuffs.

  3. Wonderful pics, the colors are just amazing. I hope you enjoy it! Have a nice weekend :)

    Virginie/ Couture & DIY

  4. I would love to experience the behind the scenes with such a glamorous collection!



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