February 10, 2011

Montreal Fashion Week: Anomal Couture, Melisa Nepton

Ever since I moved to Montreal, I always make a point to attend the Montreal Fashion Week and this year was no exception. I decided to bring my camera with me to capture some highlights.

Anomal Couture was a blend of very bold and structural pieces. Lots of bustiers, bodysuits and big shoulders, cut out backs and boleros with a mixture of fabric blocking, leather and shimmering brocade. Very different and edgy pieces in this collection.

Melisa Nepton was the last show of the night. She had a polished collection of wearable knits, textured over pieces, blush silk blouses and soft draped blazers. I especially loved the Etruscan inspired felted caps with hair peaking out from the top. It added a touch of warrior edge to the soft cozy over sized knits and blazers. Where can I pre-order these?


  1. Looks like such an amazing collection! I especially love the knits! xoxoxoo

  2. Fun stuff! I want that fist belted dress with the plunging neckline!

  3. Many thanks for your visit, I also enjoyed to discover your blog! The pics are wonderful and very inspiring!

    Virginie/ Couture & DIY

  4. just another reason why canada is so cool.


  5. This is my fav collection from MFW. Thanks for posting.

    Your newest follower,
    Like, Whatever


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