April 13, 2011

Learning How to Use my DSLR

Ever since I inherited my Nikon DSLR, it has been a huge learning curve. I would pick up my camera, fumble around with the functions, then set it to Auto for the camera to decide my settings.

Though I could learn much of the information online, I decided it would be helpful to take a class.
It's my second class I'm taking at Concordia University; a Product Photography class which will immensely help with photos from my Etsy shop. We've been bringing our own products to shoot each week and working with 3 different lighting set-ups. It's been fun to use professional studio lighting and equipment that I normally don't have access to.

Here's one of the photos I took from last class.


  1. great job! nice quality camera!

  2. i already have daisy in the original bottle and in red, this photo makes me want it again in black ..along with the scissor necklace ;) great photo!!

  3. Looks great to me. Also, I love your accessories. Gorgeous!

  4. If you were having problems before, you sure aren't now! This looks great.

  5. I've thought the same as Frankie, it looks like a magazine pic! The products are real great as well ; )

    Have a nice day!



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