April 28, 2011

En pointe: Ballerina Photo Shoot

These are the final photos from the Ballerina Photo Shoot. The second outfit I chose for this shoot is a gown I designed in my second year of Ryerson, inspired by Edgar Degas' impressionistic ballerina paintings and the lovely ballerinas that spin inside of a musical box. It was the perfect dress for this shoot and the full paneled circle skirt worked well to capture and emphasize the ballerina in motion. She was attacking the pirouettes like Nina in the Black Swan.

Photographer: Alesya Kornetskaya
Model/Ballerina: Anastasiya Zhuravska
Styling: Sabrina Chin

poses of ballerina in motion
For Full Size, click here

Outfit 2: Beaded silk chiffon one shoulder gown with side lacing, silk chiffon and charmeuse paneling, Sabrina Chin / ballet shoes, ballerina's own 

ivory white wedding ballerina gownivory beaded chiffon silk vintage ballerina gown


  1. Very nice work. Look forward to seeing more.

  2. amaz....ing!!!!!! ha ha.... the pic with the model imposed 3 times is my fav....

  3. Thanks rolee and lj! :)

    lj- I cropped the photo to fit my blog, but it's actually a larger image with 7 different poses. You can actually click on the bottom link to view it.

  4. These turned out incredible awesome! I'm in love with the first image.

  5. these are straight out of an editorial...unbelievable
    so idyllic...I cant begin to describe how much these images inspire me
    you are so talented xx

  6. Wow! These are so beautiful: the photos, the gowns, the models, everything. You are so talented!

  7. Another beauty!! Wow!

    Virginie/ Couture & DIY

  8. The photos on your blog are always so stunning. I love the way the lacing looks photographed here.

  9. • déjà je vois que tu as changé des choses dans ton blog c'est sympa. Tu es toute jolie avec ta robe et les bracelets sont tout simplement sublimes. J'ai hâte de te voir avec tes nouvelles chaussures très originales. Bises ma belle..

    Je m'appelle Robson. Je voudrais montrer ma vision personnelle de la mode à Paris. J'ai créé le blog: WWW.ZOEDEGAIA.BLOGSPOT.COM .J' espère que vous apprécierez la visite.

  10. the movement captured in these shots is stunning!

  11. I love your gowns and these photos are amazing! I was a dancer many years ago and these photos are making me miss it (well, my feet don't miss it, but my heart does).

  12. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I'm following you now :)

  13. This is so beautiful and inspiring!

  14. I shared the top photo on my tumblog: http://meeniemary.tumblr.com/post/20350448761
    I love sketching ballerinas so this was a huge inspiration for me to doodle again :)


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