June 20, 2012

The High Line HighLight

The High Line was one of the highlights of my New York trip. I went on the urging of my friends who have visited before and from ogling the beautiful photography on their official website. You can practically get me to go anywhere if you present me with a well taken photo.

Colorful Hipster Girls handing out High Line Park
Black and White Graphic Art on the High Line 
A mixture of old and modern, the High Line was once an elevated rail structure now converted into a modern walkway/park. With elements of art and design scattered along the park, the open space is a new way to explore the city. 

Colorful red and yellow flowers near the High Line
Cube shaped bird houses at the High Line Bird
Blooming White Flowers on the High Line, NYC


  1. Wow! That looks gorgeous...I had no idea that even existed. Now, I just need to get to New York!

  2. thanks for the comment and follow! love these pictures, happy weekend! xx

  3. The pictures are amazing! It must be nice to be there!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's such an experience to walk around there.


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