June 29, 2012

The Streets of New York and the Color Red

Call me crazy but I love taking street photography. Not street style - the streets themselves. How can any street be more exciting and more alive than the center of it all, Times Square?

It rained just before I took my camera out and I had to run into the Forever21 to take cover. Lucky for me, it's the shop that never sleeps, they close at 2am apparently. Yes 2am! I've gone late night shopping at the Sephora in Times Square before, trying to pick out the perfect shade of red, because I decided at that moment I wanted to wear a bright red lip. Call it the impulse of New York. Or the magical lure of fashion trends.

I was shooed out at midnight clutching one stick of lip color in hand, befittingly called DragonGirl.

Bright lights of New York city after the rain


  1. The City that never sleeps, right :)

  2. OMG no seriously, I am obsessed with street photos! Especially NYC ones! You can just feel so much from the photos! I Love them!


  3. Ah it is crazy how late those stores stay open, but very convenient!

    Great photography by the way!


  4. Great photos... ive never been to NY but it looks like such a bustling and vibrant city



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