June 1, 2012

Ladyfest Tarts 'n Craft

I love the hustle of Craft Shows.

Last weekend, I roadtripped bused down to Ottawa for the Ladyfest Tarts 'n Craft show. I really should have taken more photos of my booth but I was too exhausted from my bus ride, having to get up at 5:30am to catch it.

I met some very nice vendors and customers at the show. My neighbor, Vanessa Neily,  makes beautiful copper enamel jewelry, resembling Ukrainian Egg Art called Pysanky.

Vanessa Neily
Missy Industry
Melissa from Missy Industry wearing our Butterfly Glove
I've also been eye-ing a few rings at Missy Industry's booth. Melissa makes sterling silver rings and necklaces from skulls and crosses. She bought one of my Fingerless Butterfly Gloves which I just had to take a picture of.

Since I normally work online and through email, it was definitely a nice change to meet my customers face to face.


  1. Pretty jewelry. I like all the necklaces with feathers. very nice

  2. oh la la! Great pieces :)



  3. oh this looks like such fun! thanks for the comment..the tat is ballpoint pen unfortunately, and is a line from the song 'baby we'll be fine' by the national. xx

  4. Love this jewellery, so unique. Love your blog.

    got another follower.

    nicki fannings blogspot

  5. Looks great sabrina! hope you had fun, maybe I'll bus down with you next time!


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