May 29, 2012

Conversations between Schiaparelli and Prada

It would be a crime against fashion to miss the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit while in New York. So I headed to the Met Museum with no expectations, seeing as no other exhibit could really live up to last year's McQueen spectacle. I'm a fan of Prada's, but Schiaparelli I only know from fashion books.

The fixation of Schiaparelli's 'waist up' and Prada's 'waist down' is a clever juxtaposition and dialogue between the two designers. Taking similar elements from both designers, Schiaparelli's hats and beaded jackets are paired with Prada's embellished skirts and shoes. It's a mash up of classic versus modern style, vintage and new.

Fashion runs in cycles, so it's also interesting to see how similar inspiration is reinterpreted between the decades; Schiaparelli from the 1930's and Prada in the 2000's.

I almost bought the Prada flame shoe at the Gift Shop, but I took home a lipstick pen and some postcards instead. You can't leave without anything!

Prada outfits at the MET museum
Tiny Red and White platform prada wedge shoe souvenir
lipstick pen and postcard from Prada Met museum


  1. It is hard to leave some places without getting anything. So you could get one flame shoe? It looks like something a female comic book hero would wear or maybe Iris the Greek goddess the female messenger like Hermes. She could rock those shoes ;)

    1. They sell the flame shoes at the Gift shop. Yes it looks like that doesn't it?

  2. awesome post, awesome blog. wanna follow each other? xx


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