July 6, 2012

The Leather School, Scuola del Cuoio

The past month of traveling has finally caught up to me. I couldn't be any happier eating, exploring and traveling with good company, but I think my stomach needs a break. Really.

So while my tired feet wanted to rest, I ignored it's plea and we headed to the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence to check out the Leather School (Scuola del Cuoio). Florence is known for it's leather, so I couldn't make a trip without a visit to the School or a leather tannery. A historical tidbit: Established just after World War II by the friars of the monastery, the School was a means to give the orphans of war a practical trade to earn a living.

leather tools at the leather school florence

Leather School in Florence engraving tools
Leather School in Florence hand bag patterns
leather handbag patterns
At the Leather School, they sell handcrafted leather handbags and leather goods, but I was more interested in seeing the Florentine leather artisans at work. They also teach courses which I would have loved to take, if only I had more time in Florence.

If you arrive on a weekday, they will actually monogram your name into one of your leather purchases.

Leather School Firenze tools

tools of the trade


  1. Your pictures are beautiful!
    I wish I knew about this place when we visited Florence last summer. Love that city! Did you also check out the Ferragamo museum? There were some very beautiful shoes and scarves in there!

    1. Thank you Linda! No we didn't get a chance to see the Ferragamo museum. Florence is my favorite city as well.

  2. Oh exciting, have fun. I'm moving to Canada for a year. Can't wait!! I have a new outfit post up, would love to know what you think!

    Your new follower, Eimear x


  3. I would love to see them at work too, i find it fascinating. <3
    have a nice week,

    Virginie/ Style Reload

  4. looks very interesting :)

    HIER gelangt ihr zu meinem Blog<3


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