April 8, 2012

A Moveabe Feast

The past few years, most Easters are uncelebrated festivities, usually they are spent participating at Passover events. Who is to say you can't celebrate both?

I'm too old now to have Easter Egg hunts, but I remember one hunt where I found my chocolate bunny near the heater. Of course the chocolate had melted down into a indistinguishable lump. But chocolate is chocolate and I ate it anyway. For future reference: Don't hide the chocolate near the heater or you'll have a sad looking bunny.

So whether you're celebrating Easter, Passover or just the few days off, have a great weekend!

Marie Claire China, shot by Amber Gray via fashiongonerogue


  1. These images are delightful :)
    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend break <3

  2. These photos are ace I love them! You upload some excellent pieces.


  3. I absolutely LOVE these photos! So adorable! -Jessica



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