May 18, 2011

A Trip to my Favorite Leather Store

A trip to my leather supplier is like walking into a bright large candy store. There's over 1000 square feet of printed, metallic, patent, and colored skins in every different animal you can think of. Sometimes it feels a little claustrophobic as the aisles are tight and I fear that a huge roll of cowhide will fall onto me.

I picked out a few different leather skins, but I was very tempted to buy more.

I've included the Selby's video of Mitch Alfus, one of New York's leather kings, as I thought it was fitting for this post. It's simply touching and wonderfully documented. If you have ten minutes to spare, you should watch it.


  1. holy leather! i think i would get lost in there :)


  2. I never thought about buying leather. All the colors are fantastic! Interesting video too - stingray skin? Wow!

  3. Amazing. I am literally astounded by the shear amount. And the colors. So, what are your creative hands making?

  4. oh HOW COOL is that place?!!?

  5. looks like fun! so many colors, so much inspiration....perfect place for a girl like you.

    have a great weekend.
    x M.Fay
    amateur couture

  6. Such an awesome store! I love leather and it's a really cool video! xoxoxoo

  7. WOW! I wish I were there, just did a clutch DIY and I found it so hard to find a fine piece of neon yellow leather. I ended up with white skai instead :(

  8. How much would each meter cost?

    1. Teagan,
      Leather is priced per square foot. Each piece is shaped differently, and it's not on a roll like fabric.



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