January 7, 2011

Customer Appreciation Photos: Barbarella Cuff

I've been busy working on another Barbarella Cuff for a customer this week. I made my first one in May for a customer who was attending the DragonCon convention in Atlanta.

She sent in some photos of herself wearing one of Jane Fonda's outfits with the custom designed cuff from our shop. She looks the part down to every detail; the thigh high boots and latex buckled vest. Thanks Kenya for sending in the photo!

On a side note, there are rumors that Anne Hathaway will star as Barbarella in the upcoming remake.

Barbarella Cuff at DragonCon, courtesy of Kenya


  1. P.S. Would you like to do a giveaway of one of your lovely cuffs on Couture Carrie? Please contact me at carriecalligraphy@gmail.com.


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