March 14, 2013

Studio Space

My studio away from home is an old Elementary classroom shared with other creative designers located in the Mile End. I love the remaining chalkboards and lockers still in the hallway. The space reminds me of my fashion schooling at Ryerson. During deadlines we would be in the sewing lab all night, sometimes taking short naps underneath the cutting table. If we got caught sleeping, our profs would have shut us down.

I've been hard at work producing enough inventory for the One of a Kind show. Working, creating and designing in this studio space has proven to be very productive and inspiring.

This is where the magic happens..

old elementary classroom design studio
light filled space with thread spools and cutter


  1. nice studio<3

  2. Oh what a gorgeous space! I love reclaimed spaces like this...a schoolhouse offers great karma for artists, I'm sure!

    Popping over from the EBT...

  3. Love it - especially the black boards! Finding an inspiring place to work is such a battle at times it's great when you find a gem like this. X


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