March 21, 2013


I'm constantly collecting photos of new ink on arms, thighs, and legs and they somehow manage to end up on my pinboards. A lot of my work is heavily influenced by tattoos that are illustrative and artistic, or dreamy and romantic.

My long cuffs have imagery that is very similar to tattoos. Often evoking a moment caught in time as the Bird in Flight Cuff, or embodying a type of animal as in the Peacock Cuff. Maybe one day I will get a tattoo, but wearing one of my cuffs is perfect for me.

loveatfirstblush peacock cuff


  1. I am a tad crazy for tattoo's right now.
    I find them incredibly inspiring also <3
    Love the cuff!!!

  2. I love tattoos as well, but only admire them from afar, as I don't have any of my own. Someday! I love this cuff - gorgeous work as always!


  3. I've been wanting another tattoo, mainly two swallows, which symbolize deployments for Sailors. I would love to see any new work that you do...-Jessica L


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