March 19, 2013


I'm always happily surprised every time I see my leather accessories in a photo shoot. I finally got a chance to meet fashion stylist, Emilie Debonville, after exchanging emails back and forth a few months ago. I love how the gloves and arm harness add a bit of edge to each outfit but doesn't overpower the whole look, just as how I imagined they would be worn.

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fashion editorial with Thierry Quenette
fashion editorial with photographer Thierry Quenette
fashion editorial with Thierry Quenette
Photographer: Thierry Quenette
Assistants: Julie Soto, Mélissa Poirier et Sylvain Granier
Stylist: Emilie Debonville
Models:  Raphaëlle (Montage) et Mimi (Specs)
MUA: Alex Veizina Dussault
Hair: Daniel Manzini

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