December 8, 2010

Japanese Delicacy in Hong Kong: Mochi Cream

Two years ago I was in Japan and I discovered MochiCream in the Ginza shopping district. Much to my delight, I rediscovered MochiCream in the Hong Kong Sogo department store yesterday. They are filled with specially flavored bean jam, handmade cream and wrapped in glutinous rice. You also have wait five minutes for them to defrost before you can eat them (if you can wait that long!).

So delicious. I'm completely addicted. Is it bad that I am already planning my next snack?

Side note: prices are in Yen as these are original pictures are from my Japan trip


  1. lovely pictures! looking forward for new posts! o, and come check my latest posts! let me know if you follow, or if you already are one, so i can follow back! xoxo

  2. oh my goodness ...those look devine. I want to sample them all. :-)


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