December 27, 2010

Hong Kong Shopping Guide: SoHo

During the last leg of my Asia trip, we stopped over in Hong Kong to do some much needed fabric/trim sourcing, fashion trend researching and just some good old fashioned shopping. 

Let me tell you, the shopping in Hong Kong is excessive, extravagant and a bit dizzying. It seemed everywhere we went, there was a large mall, a street market, or a back alley of shops conveniently located near every metro stop. SoHo, Hong Kong, has the most unique boutiques and more one of a kind items. The crowd here is more international, with Expats and European business men hanging out in wine bars or hip little bistros.

Here are some of my favorite boutiques in SoHo, Hong Kong, that you shouldn't miss.

Van D is a cool little store on Staunton Street. The stairs inside were lined with a Persian rug and they carry everything from Sass and Bide, luxury denim to Haivanas. 
Van D, G/F, 34B Staunton Street, SoHo
Van D, G/F, 34B Staunton Street, SoHo

Present Lingerie is a cute little shop that carries luxury lingerie, vintage inspired accessories, cute headbands and jewelry.
Present Lingerie, 41 Staunton Street, SoHo

Mezza carries designer labels, cute accessories, jewelry, and upstairs they have a rack of evening gowns and pretty party dresses.

Home felt like walking into my friend's bedroom. You could pull out drawers and it would be filled with scarfs or belts. They carry everything from clothing, bath and body products, shoes and handbags, all imported from Korea.
Home, G/F, 63 Peel Street, SoHo
Home, G/F, 63 Peel Street, SoHo


  1. i would love to go to hong kong!!

    in response to your comment - the blazer is vintage and the shoes are jeffrey campbell!

  2. Great to keep in mind in case I ever go to HK! Feel like Van D is a place I could spend a long time browsing... I wonder why so many edgy/shopping districts in different countries are called soho...

  3. These are great pics, Hong Kong looks amazing!! I'm heading to SE Asia in the spring and I cannot wait! Love your blog btw, it's always nice to find another Canadian blogger :)


  4. I've heard from a friend that a lot of shops are open 24 hours or until midnight in HK which to me seems insane!

    Great guide - will def refer to it if I ever get the opportunity to go to Hk x


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