December 13, 2010

Behind the Scenes Fashion Photo Shoot: Joan of Arc

This past summer, I lent some cuffs and some necklaces for a photo shoot entitled Joan of Arc; a five part series based on five different themes, outfits and hairstyles. I've been waiting anxiously to see post production photos of the shoot and the wait is finally over.

Here is a behind the scenes look of the talented photographer Dugraff and creative director, Catherine Lavoie at work. See if you can spot our cuffs and feather necklace.


  1. love behind the scenes shoots thanks for hsaring xxxx

  2. wow fantastic vid - i always love seeing the behind the scenes x

  3. Truly gorgeous, you must be so impressed, i would be so excited!! iUNDEREYE.BLOGSPOT.COM

  4. Dugraff really outdid himself - this is amazing! I'm glad I came across your blog, I really like it! If you get the time, feel free to check out mine - I think you might like it! If you do, comments and followers are much appreciated :)))

  5. Very cool and gorgeous photos! Congrats on the exposure!!

  6. love ittt!
    thanks for sharing :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie


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