February 21, 2015

In the Studio

It's getting colder in the studio these days as my desks is right next to the window, which is looking mighty frosty outside. The wind chill in Toronto takes my breath away. I’m lucky I get lots of light, but it's a drawback in the winter months as it brings in the chilly air. I’ve hung my handmade dreamcatcher next to the window which catches lots of light and hopefully will bring spring weather soon.

loveatfirstblush studio desk
loveatfirstblush studio dreamcatcher

loveatfirstblush studio dreamcatcher
loveatfirstblush leather jewelry studio paintbrushes


  1. Your studio looks really nice, I can tell that has a really nice bohemian and creative energy :)

  2. That's a mighty fine studio! I love your handmade dreamcatcher also. The "feathers" are divine!


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