January 15, 2012


Workends are weekends that are work days too. Say that ten times fast. Since starting my business, I am constantly thinking about it; What to improve, what to add, new inspiration, what to change. There really is no off switch. Vacations, sometimes, okay most of the time, turn into opportunities to take photos and seek inspiration.

On that note, our official website is now live. You can view our full lookbook of fashion lingerie and accessories. The new styles will be available via the etsy shop. Meanwhile, take a peek at our facebook page for updates and sneak peaks.

Now to find that off switch?



  1. Love Nine Lives and the new lookbook -- I can't believe I hadn't fan'd you on FB yet! Don't worry, I fixed that right quick ;)

    Congrats on all your continued success <3

  2. I have that same MacBook White, but mine has a Japanese keyboard.

    Congrats on the website going live.

  3. i'm the same way. i get so much work done on the weekend. it's tough to stop once you're in the zone!

  4. that's quite a great thing you did here! It will be worth your time work on weekends, i'm sure of it!



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