January 28, 2012


Perhaps its the lack of Asian role models in mainstream culture or the fact that I was born Canadian that has attributed to the disconnect of my Asian heritage. Traveling to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia last year has proven otherwise...

Finding my roots has become an important journey for me, one that I hope will take me back to my family's origins in China. If the small town still exists today.

As we enter the year of the Dragon, I wish you success and prosperity. I hope you will continue to follow my visual inspiration and personal exploration on this blog. There will be more travels and adventures in the year ahead.


 Lantau Island, Hong Kong.


  1. You always are doing the most exciting things :) Love your pictures - I've always wanted to visit China. Perhaps one day :)

  2. When we grow up outside of our native culture, as anyone else does, it's easier to assimilate with the culture of our "home"... Love your blog and I am your newest follower! -Jessica


  3. Hong Kong is on my list. I've done Taipei, Taiwan and Seoul, Korea, and I live in Japan of course. Singapore is also on my list...


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