September 7, 2011

Not Nearly Naked: Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit Part 2

It's possible that Jean Paul Gaultier may have been the first inventor of the "Innerwear as Outerwear" trend. His interpretation is cheeky and quite literal with beaded faux nipples and embellished private bits. Yes you heard me! (see last photo).  He must have asked himself "Why go naked when you can dress like you're naked?"

Another outfit looked like it came straight from the Body Worlds exhibit, or perhaps, was the inspiration to Lady Gaga's meat dress. Made from red fringe, lacing and screen-printed panty hose, the garment is an embodiment of the muscular human form.

I also enjoyed the numerous illustrations for Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour and costumes for the Fifth Element, which I should have taken more photos of. The exhibit left me wanting to buy a souvenir, but I couldn't justify $150 for a teddy bear in a striped shirt.

And in case you've missed it, click here for Part 1 of Jean Paul Gaultier's exhibit.

The Madonna Cone bra and illustrations
Jewel encrusted and lace covered spine outfits
The origins of the Cage Dress
Corset made from film negatives
 Wear your birthday suit on the street! (Right dress worn by Naomi Campbell)


  1. I just love you for sharing all of this.
    The images are wonderful and I just love the whole theme of his work.
    Amazing <3

  2. Thanks Sia! I enjoy putting these posts together and sharing them.

  3. these are definitely inspirational images! puts my lingera to shame!



  4. Thank you for the images!

    I was wondering if you might happen to know which of his lines these came from? Or maybe just if they were haute couture or ready to wear?
    I saw the exhibit at the de Young but failed to make note.

    1. Hi Ben,

      I can't remember which collection, they were all from different seasons. I was too intrigued by the craftsmanship to take note of them all!



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