September 3, 2015

Outdoor Markets: Kempenfest 2015

As summer winds down and we look towards fall, I wanted to update you on our summer adventures thus far. We've successfully survived our first outdoor market over the July break. We were lucky to have such awesome neighbors beside us to help us out during that freak thunderstorm. Several tents blew away, but ours stayed pretty grounded.

We have a few shows lined up for fall and the holidays and I'll be documenting our process more in depth. Stay tuned, it's going to be very busy season!

Follow us on instagram at @loveatfirstblush for more adventures and behind the scenes of our studio.

Outdoor booth canopy set up at Kempenfest Love at first Blush
Colorful Floral Cat ears for sale at Kempenfest Loveatfirstblush

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