June 6, 2014

Travel Plans: Buying Trip

We're headed to Los Angeles this week to check out the markets and gather inspiration for our 2015 collection. A buying trip usually involves researching upcoming trends, buying product samples and taking photos for inspiration. I like to find most of my inspiration from vintage stores and flea markets as these places have the most unique pieces and details that I can incorporate in my sketches and designs.

I've been wanting to check out the Rose Bowl Flea Market for the longest time. It falls on every second Sunday and we just missed it last August when we traveled to Las Vegas for the MAGIC trade show.

I'll be posting more photos from our instagram feed. Follow us if you want an inside look at our finds from our travel diary: @loveatfirstblush

San Bernadino mountains


  1. Wish you a lot of inspiration...been following you a long time already (mainly on facebook tho)....love all of your stuff...keep going...and btw, I´m so jealous, wanne got to LA, too :D
    Hope you have an amazing weekend and I´d be very happy if you stop by my blog sometime as well! I´m happy for each and every comment!
    Take care! Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla www.lizbeechwood.blogspot.com

  2. Excited to hear what you find. I love love love shopping flea markets and antique markets!


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