August 15, 2012

Road tripping

I was off on the road again for a short trip to NYC a few weekends back. The view into the city from the Lincoln tunnel is nothing short of amazing. Arriving into New York City gets me every time, you really feel you've arrived somewhere big and grand.

I was there to help out a friend with a trade show, tour the city for a few days, and pick up some trend forecasting material for 2013/2014 from Indigo. Always good to stay on top of industry trends and to have material to help formulate ideas, one year in advance.


  1. I love your photos, I remember arriving in new york looking out from the plane and getting such a thrill seeing the skyscrapers jutting out into the sky and the statue of liberty. It is an amazing city.


    Nicki fannings blogspot

  2. Gotta love those photos! Especially the third one!


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