March 21, 2012

Color Spotting

In and around my studio are different mediums that are bursting with color: My prismacolor pencils (that have served me well through fashion school), a stack of colored magazines (sometimes I buy Vogue Japan), my watercolor palette (that has been horrendously abused by my brush) and melange pastel yarn threads.

Sometimes little spots on your desk or in the corners of your bookshelf are the greatest sources of color and inspiration.
All you have to do is look.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Are the knit colors samples just for your inspiration, or are you using it?
    I hope you're doing well,


  2. Thanks Virginie! They are just for inspiration.

  3. LOL - I use pieces of material (fabric, knit, ribbon) for inspiration too. :)

  4. Great colors, beautiful pics. Congrats for your blog.

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  5. I love how these pictures! They are so colorful and you can really tell that you were inspired by things that were naturally laying around :)


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