February 2, 2012

Sketchbook: Reasearch and Development

My moleskin is an organized mess of fabric, ribbon, leather, and lace. Bits of inspiration, dye tests, and colour stories, are all written down in my book for ideas I'm considering. I guess you can tell I really like pinks and blacks. That wasn't always the case though; I grew up hating the color pink. It was also the color of my room which I repainted when I was old enough.

Something tells me I need to get a new moleskin. It's already exploding at the seams!

dye testing colors
swatches of fabric


  1. It makes me want to sketch :)
    Your posts are always so inspirational <3

  2. I love the look of a well-used moleskin! :)

  3. I wish I received your moleskin book for Christmas! My in-laws got me a bright orange one from somewhere. I never feel inspired with orange . . .

  4. That's the way a Moleskine should look like! So inspiring, love the pink color and materials you hang up!


  5. You've just inspired me to get a new colored moleskine, much better than my usual black choice :-)

  6. I used to dislike wearing and having pink items myself! I love these pretty pictures! I only use black moleskin for work, but I love the idea of pink moleskin!-Jessica


  7. I love these photos!
    I've contacted you on Facebook, I couldn't find an email address here.


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