October 16, 2011

Sushi Addict

There are a few things that I can't live without and one of them is sushi. It may be because I grew up in Vancouver and sushi shops were as abundant as convenient stores, but here in Montreal, good sushi is hard to find.

Visiting the Tsukiji Fish markets in Japan is hardly fashionable, but you definitely won't find fish that is fresher. Eating sushi-on-a-stick is unheard of in North America and seeing a guy hack up a chunk of Bluefin Tuna is as authentic as it gets.

I miss this stuff. Bad.

Tokyo, Japan, photos taken by my bf

Tsukiji fish market, Japan


  1. mmm, you are braver than me...I will eat California rolls and crispy rolls...I can "feel" you rolling your eyes...I know, I know, that isn't real sushi...HA!
    These photographs are stunning, I will say that.
    I hope you find some good sushi soon...

  2. Oh my gosh. I LOVE sushi. I have yet to visit Vancouver, but I can foresee lots of sushi when I do! There's an amazing place in Toronto that I LOVE.

  3. Sushi is one of those things that - I agree - I absolutely cannot live without. Some days, I think about eating sushi all day, then drag my mister out because I want it so bad, lol.

  4. i find it generally difficult to find a real great sushi restaurant, can't live without that food too!


  5. I might just have to try that place then! My favourite is Japango on Elizabeth St. just off Dundas, not too far from Dundas Square! They have the most delicious-melt-in-your-mouth spicy salmon roll! Yummm. We should all have a blog sushi date one day. :)))

  6. mmmm nothing beats sushi <3!!


    - teeney



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