November 28, 2010

Fashion Illustration: Sandra Suy

These prints from Sandra Suy's Etsy shop are beautiful and alluring. A fashion illustrator from Barcelona, she illustrates High Fashion and Couture garments with a certain ease and gracefulness in her brushstroke and line work. She draws everything from Chanel bags, Mcqueen dresses and Prada shoes. To see more of her work, click here.


  1. these are soo beautiful! you have some great posts going on :)

    YCM (your newest follower)

  2. YCM, thank you for the comment and the follow!

  3. oh i am so in love with fashion illustration. you must check out the book 'the beautiful'. it's a collection of 100 great illustrators. i absolutely love it. i'll be posting about it soon on my blog. <3

  4. Oh my gosh, these illustrations really are gorgeous... I am going to check their asking price because i'm dying for the first illustration! Thank you for sharing!

    xo, Chelsey

  5. Amazing illustrations! The 3rd one is my favourite:)

  6. Chelsey: I actually want to collect them all! The first one is my favorite too.

    Posion Wardrobe: I just love how Sandra captures the airiness of the fabric in the 3rd image.

  7. Wow, her prints are amazing! Lovely feature :)
    I found you through Etsy forums and am a new follower!


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